Ms. Kadilaks Tutoring

About Ms. Kadilak

Nicci Kadilak, ownder of Ms. Kadilaks Tutoring

World-Class Education and Background

Ms. Kadilak graduated from Boston University in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and a minor in mathematics. She earned her bilingual teaching credential in 2005 and her Master of Arts in education administration in 2009.

Over 10 Years Classroom Experience

In addition to being a private tutor since 1998, she has been a classroom instructor for 10 years and has taught students of all ages either in a classroom or a one-on-one setting.

Working to Get the Best out of her Students

Ms. Kadilak has a long history of holding students to high expectations and helping them make significant gains in their academic achievement. Nicci Kadilak of Ms. Kadilaks Tutoring

A Teacher of Teachers

In addition to being an excellent teacher to students, she has also provided high-quality professional development for educators and has undergone extensive training in school leadership.

Ms. Kadilak's Excellent Tutoring Team

Ms. Kadilak takes pride in the quality of instruction delivered by all her team members. All her tutors are highly qualified and participate in ongoing training for best practices in individual and small-group tutoring. Background checks are on file for all tutors.