Ms. Kadilaks Tutoring

Reviews from our Students and Parents

Academic Success with Ms. Kadilaks Tutoring
"I love her! She makes everything fun, even the most boring stuff like chemistry and science."
Winchester Student
"Ms. Kadilak has helped my daughter feel more confident in math. She makes learning fun and my daughter looks forward to her sessions with Ms. Kadilak."
Winchester Parent
"Hiring Ms. Kadilak is the best thing we have ever done for our daughter academically. She is extremely patient, encouraging, professional and knowledgable. My daughter is so comfortable with her and we all look forward to the day when she is coming. She does a wonderful job of explaining and breaking down concepts so that my daughter really understands what she is doing. She is a great listener and can relate to the frustrations that students have. She also has a wonderful demeanor and my daughter feels so comfortable with her. The best testimony I can give is that my daughters grade went from a D- to an A since we hired Ms. Kadilak. My daughter has also gained much more confidence in math. All around, I highly recommend Ms. Kadilak."
Burlington Parent
"In trying to revisit 8th grade math with my special needs son Nicholas, I asked for Ms. Kadilak's assistance. She provided me with not only the answers I needed, but an explanation that would help me retain the knowledge."